The Relationship Between Website Design And Website Development


It is just your imagination if you think that a website and the web presence the website offers you just appear out of nowhere. It is just not enough to pay and get a website created as a one time job. A business owner should actually look at creating a website and developing content as a job that never ends. Never let yourself think that creating a website alone is a completed project.

Website design

Though it is true to say that creating a website design is the first step to making your website, this alone doesn’t fulfill the requirements needed for a website to function. Creation of website design should be followed by website development.

Being the foundation of creating a website, the design serves a lot of purposes

· Helps in content development

· Helps you with your programs

· Helps your customers make decisions that favor you

· Provides a positive user experience.

In the process of designing your website care also needs to be taken to consider the ways in which back-end data management systems, tracking systems and proprietary programs can be integrated.

Website development

There is no point in creating a website that is stunning if people are yet to find it. This is where business website development can help. The development of website should literally get the website at the top of search results on almost all the search engines. This can be achieved only if good SEO practices are followed.

It is almost a certainty that the website will play a major role in boosting the sales of your business if and only if you will continuously work on the website development. The following are the ways in which continuous development will help,

· Create interest in prospective clients

· Provide education to target markets

· Bring your website to the top of search engines

· Helps build a good amount of followers

Listed below are a few strategies that are followed to ensure good website development.

1. Strive to provide quality content on a regular basis- Search engine optimization is highly benefited by the presence of good and quality content. A lot of new businesses use management service companies to provide writing services. When you have good content on the website, your website is considered with high regard by search engines. As you keep posting new content on the website, search engines will keep crawling the website and make the content available on search results and online.

2. Work hard to get as many inbound links as possible- The number and quality of inbound links you get from other websites especially if they are authoritative websites will surely give you a good SEO boost in search engines. You would be able to receive these links by writing news articles and submitting them to good websites like Forbes with a link to your webpage.

3. Create user-friendly interface- Keep trying to modify the site as per the requirements of visitors. Take feedback positively and create an interface with which visitors would easily be able to work around. A good idea would be to make the website multiple server platforms friendly. This way, visitors wouldn’t be disappointed when they try accessing your website from their smartphone.

4. Elements that keep visitors hooked to your website need to be added- Doing this will ensure your visitors are engaged and this in turn will increase your presence online. An example is to add videos that are fun, friendly, interactive and interesting.

5. Adding channels through which your website can be found- You can add elements in the website that can connect your visitors to the social media thus giving your website a lot more exposure.

By using these tricks that come as a part of content development will ensure your website gets high visibility and this in turn helps in development of your business.


Source by Dhivya Rateesh Nair

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