Web Design or Web Development?


So you’re out of high school or even in job market and contemplating a career in web technologies but unsure on whether to pursue web development or web design; the answer to this questions depends more on your aptitude and your career objective. Say for instance, do you want to concentrate more on the artistic and creative side like animation and/or graphic design or you’re keen on analytical stuff like web application development, database management and stuff like that? Are you interested in developing interactive, flashy sites, e-commerce stores or corporate websites?

It’s a logical assumption to make that web design is more into the arts and creativity while web development more into analytical stuff, just remember that employers seldom make the distinction and many use the two terms synonymously. Contrary to this, the World Organization of Webmasters, which is an authority certification body, there’s a clear cut difference between the two.

According to WOW, web design taps more into visual arts and aesthetics and stuff that drives a successful site, it’s a specialty that deals more with visitor retention, interest creation and sustenance. And the development of usable designs that hook up the audience.

Web developers on the other hand are experts at developing and optimizing web site interactivity and structure. They employ database components and custom apps to design a site that delivers top quality web experience to the end users.
WOW is specialized in the Administration of web technologies certifications.

Web administrators are experts at acquisition and configuration of software and hardware infrastructure that runs successful web sites. Web admin are educated in web technologies such as routers, servers, security and maintenance of the overall web systems.

Web development and design are specialized fields and often branded computer jobs. In many large corporate organizations, the job of designing, developing and maintaining websites, lies on a number of team each specialized in a particular area.

Not long ago, a person was required to be familiar with HTML, those days are long done by because novel technologies have emerged and old ones keep evolving. If you’re serious about a career in web design or web development then you need to know that in this field learning is an everyday occurrence, something present in the whole world of computers. To get a good job at reputable organizations with huge parks and privileges, you’ll require at minimum three solid skills besides HTML.

HTML is still a basic must, below are some of the Web skills that are hot, but not necessarily in the order shown. Search each term online to read more about it.


Most employers looking to hire mention “the perfect” candidate, this usually means they’re looking for a personal well rounded and competent in a number of web technologies such as listed above. Most employers require that their employees update their skills frequently to meet industry demands. It’s therefore important that you commit yourself to frequent skills updating to remain relevant.


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