What Makes a Good Website?


What makes a good website and what makes a bad one? There are many different aspects to a website that when combined, will make a dictionary definition of a good website. Some aspects of considering a website “good” is opinion based such as the appearance and graphics used within the site. People have different tastes, much like with homes, if everyone liked the same colors and themes, we would live in a very boring world. Appearance is only a small portion of what makes a good website, additional factors include content, usability and structure.

  • Content and site purpose: So you want a site or already have one, what is the purpose of your site and what do you want to accomplish? Before starting or continuing with your site, you need to set objectives and how you want visitors to benefit from using your site. The content of your site should always be kept up to date and reflect the main goal of your website. If your site’s objective is to sell computers, you obviously don’t want to write about how to change a tire.
  • Appearance: Appearance and the colors used strike an emotional reaction which can be used to make people feel a different way such as to buy. Different colors evoke different feelings. The psychology of colors is time proven and used by professional web designers to manipulate different messages to the users. A design should never be overly complex and confusing and the design should reflect the business and the service or product that you have to offer.
  • Usability: A website should be easy and intuitive to use, the navigation should be easily accessed on every page of your site. You never need to click more than 4 times to go to a specific page, a general rule of thumb is 2 or less clicks should get you to any page of the site. Complicated navigation structure will quickly frustrate your visitors and they will bounce quickly if they can’t find what they are looking for.
  • Site Structure: This aspect cannot be seen by your visitors but is crucial to having a good website. The foundation of your site lies within the coding and programming structure. A solid site should be openly usable in all browsers, all screen size, all operating systems and without additional plugins such as Flash. Large amounts of potential customers can be lost if your website isn’t compatible with different systems.
  • ISP: Your service provider (host) is also extremely valuable in a good website. Your host should have great uptime (99.9%+) and boast fast transfer speeds. When was the last time you stuck around for a site that took more than a minute to load?
  • Marketing: A good site should at least promote a good SEO practice and rank well within the major search engines.

Combine those key aspects and you will have a good website and if you ever need help with ensuring that you have a good website, Revived Media is always here to help.


Source by Phil Antonson

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