Why Should Web Designers and Web Developers Work in Coordination While Designing a Site?


The internet has been incorporated into our lives as an essential part of our existence. The World Wide Web serves as a delivery platform for innumerable forms of web applications, which are usually made by a development company. A web development company encompasses the world of web applications which are complex programs with specific usages, usability and performance. A number of these web applications also have ad-hoc development leading to certain problems.

A web development company can help in the growth of your company by building and creating sites, and also offer a helping hand with the newer methodologies that have evolved. The resultant system of web development application has a number of characteristics which set it apart from traditional software, computer application development and information systems. A modern development company has many facets which include software engineering, hypermedia engineering, hypertext engineering, systems analysis and designs. A competent web development company uses a lot of tools, techniques and guidelines these days to fulfill the expectations from web based applications.

An important part of creating an application or a site is designing the layout. This is typically done by web designers. Web designers present the content in hypertext or hypermedia form via a web browser or other software such as internet TV clients, microblogging sites and RSS readers. The designed website thus becomes attractive and helps the user navigate the site to find what he or she is searching for. For optimum performance, either most developers have the additional skills of a web designer too or they work in coordination with other web designers.

While developing a website, the web company usually divides the entire work into two broad categories – client side coding which involves the site layout and design, and the server side coding which includes the functionality of the site and its back end systems. The client side coding is what is available to the site viewers. It is executed and stored in a web browser. The server side coding allows the web developer to alter the HTML pages to delete old materials, incorporate new items and make sure that the site runs smoothly. Taking into consideration that as the applications on a site differs, so must its appearance, it becomes extremely important for web designers and web developers to work in coordination while designing a site. For e.g., if a button on the client side is supposed to lead to the contact pages and the server side has deleted that particular application, then the site visitor will end up with a blank page, which can be very frustrating. It is up to the web designers to remove the obsolete buttons or links from the site layout.

If in a particular site, the client side script differs from the server side script or maybe the server accepts content from a locally modified client side script, then it will show that the site has poor security. For proper security measures too, the designer and the developer have to be constantly in touch with each others domain and the related work fields.

For the proper development of a site that gets a lot of traffic, it is important to plan what exactly is needed and who the target audience is. The next step is to plan the content of the website and then execute the plans. This can be done in a hassle free manner only if the web developer and the designer are in sync with one another. A good web development company is of great help in such situations.


Source by Siddhartha Roy Choudhury

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